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What is a mechanical engineer doing in Android development?

The reason and drive is the same: I wanted to employ my talent for logic, mathematics, and my need to create something pulpable, that I can touch, hold, show, and that people will use and be happy :) Programming is even better than mechanical engineering, because it gives me more freedom, it’s faster, and intellectually more rewarding.

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List of my Android applications

This is the list of some Android projects I worked on. Some are for the company I work for, and the others are my private projects. I was the only developer on all, except BMW and Honda, where I inherited the code and published a few updates.

Yuhor Dućan - Delta Holding

App for YuhorDucan stores. YuhorDucan are brand stores for meat factory Yuhor. App contains map & list of locations, news, promotions, recipes, loyalty programme, online orders.

Check Tokens - Sindyoke

App that pings Google API to get info about all FCM tokens in your database.

Love Meter Pink Lady - Delta Holding

Simple app created for presenting new brand of apples on Belgrade food fair on Valentine’s day.

Delta Quiz - Delta Holding

Simple quiz app created to promote the company.

BMW Srbija - Delta Holding

Mobile application for owners and wannabe owners of BMW cars.

Honda Srbija - Delta Holding

Mobile application for owners and wannabe owners of Honda cars.

Memory Game - Sindyoke

My version of famous game in which you find pairs of same cards. I wanted to practice graphics and logic, and also to have fun and exercize my memory :)

Chronotype Tracker - Sindyoke

Tool for hacking your productivity - track how you feel by entering your estimates by hour, get summarized data after a few weeks, and find your most productive hours. Especially useful for freelancers.

SindyKaraoke App - Sindyoke

App that simplifies ordering a karaoke song - songlist searchable by title, artist or genre, singing queue with notifications

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